Additional Security

There are many other ways to improve your security on your front door. Aprox 90% of doors have a nightlatch and a mortice lock. To improve on this there are other options that can be considered. Fairfax Locksmiths can advise you on further recommendations to improve your security and feel that much more safer in your property.

Reinforcing Strips (london / Birmingham bars)

Reinforcing strips

The Reinforcing strip come with a ‘D’ shaped staple to fit over and secure the staple (keep) of a surface fitted rim lock or cylinder nightlatch. This very effective steel anti-burglary device is screwed on to the internal face of the lock side of the frame and will resist the kicking, splitting and forcing open of the door.

Hinge Reinforcing Bolts

Hinge Bolts

These robust bolts are designed to secure the hinge side of the door, and come into operation automatically when the door is closed They will come in pairs. Strongly recommended that one pair is installed for all exit doors.

Door View

Door view

If you are not sure who is at your front door would you open the door to them? A door vue gives you the peace of mind to see who is at the door before you open it.

Security Chains

Door chain 2

A door chain will allow you to identify a caller before the door is fully released, thus giving you security even when your door is partially open.