Lock Snapping

What is lock snapping?


You may well have heard of cylinder snapping or lock snapping. Lock snapping is a very popular method used by burglars to break into property that is secured by a euro cylinder. Euro cylinders are used in almost all types of UPVC locking mechanisms. They can also be used in wooden and metal doors.

Lock snapping involves snapping the lock cylinder in two, by applying force, which will expose the mechanism used to lock the door allowing the burglar to unlock the door and gain entry into your premises.
Thieves use tools like hammers and screwdrivers to snap the locks the worrying thing is this can be achieved in under 20 seconds, and is not a technique that involves a lot of skill or practice.

To prevent burglars, thieves etc, performing this on your property you can upgrade your euro cylinders to a TS007 3 star standard. These cylinders are designed to break at a certain point thus preventing exposure to the mechanism of the door, which will prevent burglars from unlocking the door and gaining access to your property.

There are a lot of locksmiths, handymen etc who will tell you that your cylinders are anti snap, anti bump, anti pick. Do not take this at face value. There are various models of cylinders that mean these requirements, some of these models can be seen below.



5 Top Security Tips.

Secure your doors.

It is imperative that your front door is strong and and the door locks are secure. Most doors will have two operational locks, more than likely this will be nightlatch and a mortice lock. These locks should be British standard (BS3621) Sometimes it is advisable to have a 2nd mortice lock on the door this will increase the security on that door as well as spreading the locking mechanisms over the surface of the door. A low mortice lock will help prevent a kick attack at the bottom of the door as a mortice lock at the top will prevent an intruder from forcing the door open. There are additional security options to help you secure your door. Don’t forget to secure the back doors which burglars can also use to try to access your property.

Window Locks.

Windows are often used as an entry or an exit point for many burglars. Having your windows locked is essential. BS3621 Insurance regulations state that windows must be secured by key operated locks. Any flat roofs you have outside your house such as garage roofs or conservatory roofs that may lead to a first floor window are also easy access points for a burglar. Just because your window is on the first or second floor doesn’t mean you can leave them unlocked. Ladders should be locked away to prevent the burglar from using it to access an open window that is out of their reach.

Garages & Outhouses.

Garages sheds or outhouses often contain some very expensive equipment such as garden tools or furniture etc or even your car. Make sure that these areas are secure. A garage door defender with a high security padlock is a very good method of securing an up and over garage door. Sheds should be secured with a high security mortice lock providing the door is suitable otherwise a pad bar and high security padlock will be suitable.


Keep all your valuables locked away in a safe. Jewellery can also be very sentimental as well as valuable. You don’t want to have to tell your Aunt Margaret that her grandmother’s earrings have been stolen. It is always best to keep your valuables locked away. Safes can be key locking or digital. The safe key should be kept well hidden. Safes must also be bolted down for insurance purposes regardless of their weight. Finding a location within your property to bolt down your safe is also very important. People, commonly, put their safes in a wardrobe. Safes should be bolted to concrete floors or against a main structural wall to deter burglars from trying to take it.


Know a security specialist.

Having a specialist in security walk through your property and identify all the vulnerable parts of your property is important. Someone with experience could point out weak points of your property which have been innocently overlooked. Book yourselves a free site survey by calling 07515313738. We will send an experienced locksmith who is CRB checked, to discuss what we can do to increase your security or identify any areas that you may have missed. Alternatively if you would like to request a call back, we can contact you at time that is best suitable for you.


Master Key

Master Suite

Whether you manage a restaurant, property company or corporate office it is sometimes more convenient to have a Master Key suite or a Keyed Alike system.

A master key suite allows each lock to have its own unique key which will not operate any other lock however each lock can also be operated by one single key – the master key. Master key suites are a good way of keeping track of your security especially when you have a lot of people coming and going within the premises.


Keyed Alike

A Keyed alike system allows for a number of locks to be operated by the same key for your convenience. It is very common to have one key per door as opposed to having one key for your top lock and a second key for the bottom lock.

Additional Security

There are many other ways to improve your security on your front door. Aprox 90% of doors have a nightlatch and a mortice lock. To improve on this there are other options that can be considered. Fairfax Locksmiths can advise you on further recommendations to improve your security and feel that much more safer in your property.

Reinforcing Strips (london / Birmingham bars)

Reinforcing strips

The Reinforcing strip come with a ‘D’ shaped staple to fit over and secure the staple (keep) of a surface fitted rim lock or cylinder nightlatch. This very effective steel anti-burglary device is screwed on to the internal face of the lock side of the frame and will resist the kicking, splitting and forcing open of the door.

Hinge Reinforcing Bolts

Hinge Bolts

These robust bolts are designed to secure the hinge side of the door, and come into operation automatically when the door is closed They will come in pairs. Strongly recommended that one pair is installed for all exit doors.

Door View

Door view

If you are not sure who is at your front door would you open the door to them? A door vue gives you the peace of mind to see who is at the door before you open it.

Security Chains

Door chain 2

A door chain will allow you to identify a caller before the door is fully released, thus giving you security even when your door is partially open.

Window Locks

As a rule of thumb, if a window can be forced open by a thief standing on a flat surface it definitely needs to be locked. This would include all ground floor and basement windows and those accessible from open deck access (walkways) in blocks of flats and windows over flat roofs; any window in fact that is ‘easily accessible’.

Most window locks are operated by common keys. This is not a security problem since the lock is on the inside of the window and the burglar would have to break the glass to get to the lock; something that he would be reluctant to do. In addition, there are hundreds of different window locks and therefore a large variety of common keys making it impractical for the burglar to carry keys with him.

Fairfax Locksmiths offer a wide range of window locks. Whether your windows are wooden or UPVC, Sash or Casement we will have the right window locks to cater for your requirements.


Residential Locksmiths Service

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Your home is where you spend nearly all of your time, It is your place and it is imperative that you keep your home secure. Your premises, whether residential or commercial should be secure. Fairfax Locksmiths London can source you the right type of lock for your requirements. Some areas in your property may have been overlooked because no one has pointed out their potential for a breach in security.  Fairfax Locksmiths will look at your property with ‘new’ eyes and identify any high risk areas you might have, and most importantly ensure that all external locks comply with BS3621.

Places to consider more closely are:

Front and back doors – These are very easy access points that should never be unsecured or left unlocked, and don’t forget about the back door! There are a number of locks to choose from, depending on the location of the door and the level of security you’re comfortable with.

Windows – These need to have their own key-operated locks. Depending on the size of the window and how the window opens sometimes more than one lock might be required.

Patio doors and French doors These are not usually the main point of entry into the house but they offer alternative access for burglars and should both be installed with key operated locks. Other security options are available for additional security.

Garages and outbuildings – You will often find very expensive equipments in these areas, such as tools, garden furniture, garden equipment, or personal belongings. Fairfax Locksmiths have the right locks to secure these areas such as garage door defenders, High security padlocks or BS3621 Mortice locks.

Filing cabinets – These often contain important information such as personal details, account numbers and passports. They should also be locked with a key or padlock.


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Services offered by Fairfax Locksmiths:

• Front door locks installed / changed
• Internal door locks installed / changed.
• Cylinders changed.
• Window locks installed
• Garage doors
• Padlocks and padbars.
• Code locks installed.
• Mobile key cutting
• UPVC locks supplied & installed
• BS3621 insurance approved locks installed where possible.

Fairfax Locksmiths supply a wide range of locks to suit many different requirements. Whether you want locks for your front door, internal doors, windows or even your garage, you can be sure that Fairfax Locksmiths London will have the right lock to suit these requirements.

There is a vast range of locks on the market, so how do you know you are getting the right lock? Fairfax Locksmiths care about your security, your home is your sanctuary, we will make sure you are getting the best service possible by supplying the correct locks at competitive prices.

Fairfax Locksmiths are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, No matter what service is required you can rely on a swift response from our emergency locksmith service to guarantee that your place is safe and secure.

Commercial locksmiths Service

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Whether you are a property agent, work in an office block, or manage / own a retail premises we at Fairfax Locksmiths offer the following services to cater for your individual security needs while maintaining a competitive price.

• Property companies / Agencies
• Lock changes
• Replacement keys for tenants
• Lock Installations
• Master Key Suites for multiple lock premises such as a block of flats.

• Filing cabinet locks
• Master Key Suites for multiple lock premises
• Lock Changes
• Safes

• High security locks
• Safes
• Lock Changes

Fairfax Locksmiths also offer a mobile key cutting service most locks will only come with 2-3 keys. We will be able to provide additional keys for all our locking products.

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you never know when the next emergency will arise.

Emergency Locksmiths Service

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Fairfax Locksmiths London will respond immediately to emergency call-outs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring your complete peace of mind no matter what unfortunate situation you may find yourself in. Whether you are locked out in the middle of the night, or need your locks changed when your tenants have left the property, whether you have had your handbag stolen or want to change your locks after you have had building works, Fairfax Locksmiths offer a 24/7 emergency locksmith service. We’re only a phone call away. Don’t hesitate to call Fairfax Locksmiths London anytime to receive a competitive price, we offer service when it is needed!

• Locked Out / In
• Locks Changed
• Bike Locks Removed
• Padlocks Opened