Window Locks

As a rule of thumb, if a window can be forced open by a thief standing on a flat surface it definitely needs to be locked. This would include all ground floor and basement windows and those accessible from open deck access (walkways) in blocks of flats and windows over flat roofs; any window in fact that is ‘easily accessible’.

Most window locks are operated by common keys. This is not a security problem since the lock is on the inside of the window and the burglar would have to break the glass to get to the lock; something that he would be reluctant to do. In addition, there are hundreds of different window locks and therefore a large variety of common keys making it impractical for the burglar to carry keys with him.

Fairfax Locksmiths offer a wide range of window locks. Whether your windows are wooden or UPVC, Sash or Casement we will have the right window locks to cater for your requirements.